Service to man is service to God


A dentist from Italy, remembering how he had suffered with dental problems as a child and wishing to help needy children whose families could not afford to pay for dental treatment financed this project.

The dental clinic completed with a beautiful pink dental chair was inaugurated on August 29th 2013. During the function the compressor mysteriously switched itself on. After being operational for several seconds it stopped. All present were outside the clinic itself. Nobody was inside the generator room. It was a blessing!

At present one dentist is employed to work from 2pm to 5pm daily. She is supported by a trained assistant. Services provided are fillings, extractions, and cleaning.

The clinic provides free dental treatment to guests staying at the Dharmasala and villagers from the surrounding area. At present twelve to fourteen patients are treated each day.

There are two treatment rooms fully equipped and operational. Several dentists have offered their services free of charge. In the future one day a week is to be set aside to provide treatment for children attending local schools.

The clinic has been tastefully designed. One approaches the clinic through a small landscaped garden. There is a comfortable waiting area in which Sai Bhajans are played. Every effort has been made to create a calm ambience.

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