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“Dhenunam asmi kamadhuk” :  “Among cows I am the wish fulfilling cow

(Krishna – Bhagavad Gita, 10, verse 28)

At present, at the Dharmasala cow shed there are 27 Friesian cows (a special milking breed originally from northern Holland, known for its high milk yield). The special milking cows are housed in a unique cowshed.

A school built by a retired Indian space scientist inspired the design of this cowshed. The classrooms were pyramid shaped constructions built in accordance with the proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza of 52 degree. The pyramidal roof carrier lowered the internal temperature of the classrooms by five to six degrees.

Research indicates that dairy cows thrive in a temperate climate so the possibility of designing a cowshed with a natural cooling system was a very exciting idea.

Through consultation with the retired scientist the cowshed was designed with a rectangular base roof carrier at an angle specifically designed to achieve the proper convection of warm air, creating a natural system of cooling. Outside the shed the tiles are painted white to further drop the temperature. A hedge around the base of the structure cools the soils further ensures a lower internal temperature.

The cowshed was inaugurated on August 11th 2013. The first calf was born on September 9th 2013. As he was born on the auspicious day of Ganesh Cathurthi he was named Ganesh. May this be the first of many births in the Dharmasala cowshed!

Music composed by Mozart is played all time in this immaculately clean “five-star”, naturally cooled cowshed. The cows are fed with locally grown organic fodder. The fields in which the fodder is grown are fertilized with the cow manure.

The local breed cows produce three to four liters of milk per day, which is just enough to feed their calves whereas the pampered Friesian cows are producing between twelve and twenty liters daily. The milk will be used by Dharmasala itself and to be given to the nearby schools.

ID No. D 2          

Date of birth: 02/04/2014
Mother ID No. A 18
Name: BOY 1


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ID No. D 3          

Date of birth: 24/01/2014
Mother ID No. A 4
Name: BOY 2

ID No. D 4          

Date of birth: 27/01/2014
Mother ID No. A 1

ID No. D 5          

Date of birth: 19/03/2014
Mother ID No. A 17
Name: GIRL 1

ID No. D 6          

Date of birth: 19/04/2014
Mother ID No. A 9
Name: GIRL 2

ID No. D 7

Date of birth: 07/02/2014
Mother ID No. A 18
Name: BOY 3

ID No. D 17

Date of birth: 10/10/2013
Mother ID No. A 16

ID No. D 20

Date of birth: 18/10/2013
Mother ID No. A 13

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